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tv   wusa 9 News at Noon  CBS  May 29, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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now, i'm listening carefully to donald trump, and i think he's a narcissistic maniac. whatever you call him, we're not letting him bring his hate into virginia. we are following breaking news out of jupiter, florida, golfer tiger woods was in jail after getting arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence. police just released this mug shot moments ago. officers say they pulled him over at 3 this morning. he was then booked at palm beach county jail and left there about an hour ago. no comment from his publicist and what this means for the quicken loans ti
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thank you for joining us on this memorial day. i'm mike hydeck. president trump is observing his first memorial day as commander in chief. this comes as his administration is back on the defensive over possible ties to russia. kelley o'hara has the latest from the white house. >> president trump laid a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier to mark memorial day. vice president pence also observed memorial day and a bike ride for injured veterans. >> 1 in 5 veterans has ptsd and over 340,000 service members received a traumatic brain injury. >> the president's first memorial day address comes as his administration is pushing back against reports his son-in- law and senior adviser jared kushner tried to set up secret communications with russia. mr. trump said he has total confidence in kushner. >> i don't see any big issue here. >> homeland security secretary john kelly also came to kushner's defense. >> anytime yo
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of communication with anyone, whether they're good friends or not so good friends is a smart thing to do. >> in order to handle the russian investigation, cbs news has learned the administration is working on restructuringed white house communication staff and setting up a rapid response team. >> president trump is also responding to north korea's latest provocation including a short range ballistic missile fired monday. the president tweeted north korea showed great disrespect for its neighbor china. and after president trump refused to endorse the paris accord on climated change over the weekend, german chancellor angela merkel said europe can no longer rely on the u.s. but is still committed to strengthening ties. the president indicated he will be making a decision soon on whether or not to withdraw from the paris climate agreement. for world war ii veterans and their families marking memorial day is especially poignant because we lose so many members of the greatest generation each year. wa
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ceremonies once again at the world war ii memorial this year. i spoke with clayton curl who served in the south pacific isn't uss salt lake city and flew all the way to be here at the world war ii memorial. he talked about the need for better health care for veterans. >> those that need it should have it and it's the government's responsibility. >> several world war ii veterans in attendance were over 100 years old including one of our speakers lieutenant jim downing. and we appreciate the fact you are sharing your reflections on this memorial day on social media. here's some of what you posted on our wusa9 site. among them ryan put up a photo of private first class brandon goodine look how young he looked. honoring my uncle ernest bowers. he fought in three wars for our country. >> and
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maxwell swain he was killed in the battle of the bulge at 19 years old. check out our fallen heroes section on the wusa9 facebook page. it is very easy to put your photos there. download the wusa9 app for more memorial day events. plus you can check on the road and beach conditions too. with a heavy heart, thousands head to arlington national cemetery each year on this day to pay their respects and the volunteers were there handing out flowers as well. we caught up with one of the families. >> it's a time of reflection and a time of being grateful that that person was in our life for the time that we had them, and thanks for that little while. not only am i your husband but i outrank you. he was a major and i was a captain, it's like, you know. he's buried here, so he did
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years, and it's really a bittersweet moment, you know. there's pride in our sadness. there's -- it's just a tough day for those of us to get through this and then my brother's name is on the wall, so we're going from arlington to vietnam, you know, in one day to pay respects. this is my brother. this photo was taken three days before he lost his life in cambodia. war is awful, you know, and as a nurse during desert storm, i saw the ravages of war. we come to commute with our loved ones be it here or at the wall, and you walk away a little bit better, a little bit shaded
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just march on and through education educate the young to never forget. now wusa9's first alert weather rated d. c.'s most accurate forecast. >> okay, and we've had somewhat of a cloudy weekend weather- wise. i've got to say today no different. we started off pretty foggy with a little bit of drizzle here and there. i think today we're going to escape, a little drier than what we've had. we have a front coming on through. without a ton of sunshine it was hard to really get things going. so we are going to be a little bit drier. that's good news, better for your activities for this afternoon if you're headed to the parade, perfect weather for that. 74 degrees. our dew point's pretty high, but it is going to come down more so by the end of the week, actually. okay, temperatures around the region, 74 for gaithersburg. we are flirting with 80 degrees as you head to gaithersburg and also leesburg. finally, a little bit warmer. now we're actually going to see some sunshine, areas west of 95 you get th
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so we're generally dry right now, despite this front kind of sweeping on through. watch what happened to it. it started pretty weak to begin with. we weren't expecting a ton of rain but we were expecting a few isolated showers to come through. watch what happened as they moved through west virginia. i'm not done with the rain chances. i still think areas east of 95 could end up with a few of these stray showers, but this is 2:30 this afternoon. do you see how they're very few and far between, and the farther south you go the better chances you have of seeing them. areas west of 95, this is 5:00, you're into the mid-80s, the sun is out. it's a little bit of a breeze. enjoy the last day of your holiday weekend. tuesday and wednesday we're still tracking it. you can get the latest forecast on the wusa9 app. see you in just a little bit. north korea launched another short-range ballistic missile overnight that japan said could have hit an airplane or ship in
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ben tracy is tracking the developments. he's in beijing. >> north korea has now conducted nine missile launch this is year, three in just the past three weeks. the latest comes after the country claimed its leader kim jong-un oversaw a successful test of a new antiaircraft system this past weekend. japan was quick to condemn the new missile launch as was south korea whose new president has said he wants better relations with north korea. despite international sanctions, north korea's capabilities continue to grow. last week the country said it perfected a medium-range solid missile that it would start mass producing. and earlier this month, it tested what is believed to be its longest range missile yet, potentially capable of carrying a nuclear warhead but still not able to reach the united states. >> ignition. >> 2014 was the last time the u.s. tested its west coast missile defense system, which ha
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of the trials. on tuesday the u.s. military will attempt to shoot down an intercontinental ballistic missile for the first time. >> while north korea continues its missile test, it has not conducted a nuclear test which many people have expected. when we were in north korea last month i asked the vice foreign minister if they still plan to conduct that test, and he said kim jong-un will do it whenever he sees fit. ben tracy, cbs news beijing. an investigation is underway now into a deadly malfunction at new york city's fleet week festival. a navy s.e.a.l. was killed after his parachute did not open during a skydiving demonstration. this is a very experienced sky diver. he somehow separated from the chute and landed in the hudson river. >> as they were landing, out of the corner of my eye i saw a splash and i heard a very distinct thump. >> authorities have yet to release the s.e.a.l.'s identity. the leapfrogs as they're called had posted to their facebook page on sunday saying new york
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now investigators are looking into finding out how this expert jumper died in this. he reportedly left a trail of blood and bullets in a small mississippi time. now eight people are dead and everyone in that neighborhood is wondering why. ♪ taps ♪
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>> what is memorial day for? >> for military i'm pretty sure. >> what specifically? >> couldn't tell you. >> here we go, it's one of those things. oh, man, i have no idea. oh, man. you guys ar
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>> you have an assignment for today. >> how many people don't know? >> a lot more than you would think. >> you can even hear the person interviewing, it's sad when you think about the sacrifices our fighting men and women have given for our freedoms and so many people still don't have a clue what memorial day is all about. some veterans and loved ones of fallen military members are wishing this holiday commands more respect. veteran's groups are saying a growing military civilian disconnect adds to the feeling that memorial day has been overshadowed. you see 12% of the united states population served in the military during world war ii. that's down now to less than 1/2 of 1% today. that guarantees more americans are not personally acquainted with a soldier, a sailor, an airman or a marine. to keep this holiday weekend in perspective 100 people hiked 60 miles to finish at arlington national cemetery. they started in harpers ferry early saturday and finished early this
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ellen bryan joining them for the final 6 miles which kicked off at iwo jima. >> before the sun came up, we set off on the final mile. >> we're going to actually walk these miles with them. i had it easy, just about 6 miles total, but about 100 people in the group, they had already hiked more than 50 miles to this point. >> terrain was rough because of the weather. it was about 6 inches of mud. >> everyone walking carried a story of valor with them. >> i walk in honor of my husband who was a new york city firefighter on 9/11, jeffrey olson. >> they also carried fatigues. >> how are you feeling right now? >> pretty tired, pretty locked up but it's worth every mile. >> are you doing the final mile or the whole thing. >> once you get on that pavement, it's hard pounding, hard on your feet. >> once it takes a toll on your body it's hard to recover because it's mile after mile, day after day, little to no sleep. >> through it all they powered forward. >> happy to do
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i'm happy to bring awareness to all those who have gone, you know, and the duty. >> it's very special. i've taken with me on every run and every ruck that i do, he's always with me. >> this part of it is very emotional. >> as they close in on their final destination, arlington national cemetery. >> now if you would like to be a part of this a ruck to remember is an annual event, and all the donations they collect go to support our veterans. and there are more events today on this memorial day. right now there are road closures in place for the memorial day parade downtown. it steps off from 7th street and constitution. it starts at 2 p.m. and rolls
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the road closures will stay in place in most of the congested areas until about 7 tonight. be aware of that. in less than an hour, there will be a ceremony at the vietnam memorial wall. the names of three additions to the wall will be red aloud and five service members will be welcomed home. ken burns is one of the keynote speakers. his vietnam documentary debuts on pbs later this year. confederate monuments in baltimore could be coming down soon. mayor katherine pew says the city is mulling over it after the city of new orleans took down four civil war era monuments there. they contend they honor supremacy. confederate buffs say this is part of their southern heritage. now wusa9's first alert weather rated d. c.'s most accurate forecast. it felt like -- where is he? >> he left. her cute little dog is here. >> it felt like it was going to
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>> and then all of a sudden. >> some areas could see a sprinkle or shower. yesterday, i mean, the moisture was excuse me really kind of caught up with us for a good hour or so around the region. today we're waiting for that front to come through. could see a few stray showers off to the east. most areas are going to be dry. that's good. it's still kind of cloudy and foggy out there for now. we are going see things clear off. we're going to see the best looking day today, and that's fitting for the memorial day holiday. winds staying out of the southeast keeping that humidity in place, temperatures around the region 79 for leesburg, see how nice and warm it is, a little bit of sunshine will heat us up nicely. we are going to reach the 80 today. we haven't reached the 80s at all this week. 75, this is for the parade, if you're going to be there in the afternoon, 76 degrees. i think it's safe to say for the d. c. area you can leave the umbrellas at home. yo
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going to run into maybe a few more stray showers out there. i'll show you on your futurecast coming up. 81 by 4:00 in the afternoon. so this is what we're expecting, some sun today, as much sun as we've seen all weekend long. it is going to be warmer. isolated showers once again tuesday and more so on wednesday, maybe even have to bump that up. thursday is going to be the pick of the week, we're really going to wish thursday was today. it's going to be so nice out there. this upcoming weekend is far away. i'm going to cross my fingers for this one. it does look to be a little unsettled once again. so for today, just a few stray showers east of us, same for tomorrow, now, by wednesday that's going to be where we see isolated to scattered, not nearly a washout, and it ends up being more in the afternoon and into the early evening, so much of the morning actually is going to be quite nice with some sunshine. that could help fuel some of those storms. thursday, nothing. make some plans to be outside. we need some dry wer.
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rain. we are out of our drought situation, so we don't really need to keep adding on to these totals. the rain keeps on coming. we're not seeing anything pop up right now on first alert live doppler. this is 3:30 this afternoon. i'm going to leave the chance for some showers east of 95, through prince george's county, calvert, anne arundel and down through parts of charles and st. mary's county and of course over through the eastern shore. if you're boating back home today, if you have friends boating home, you might run into some of those showers. the wind should remain generally light, 15 miles per hour if you're going to be on the bay. for tonight the cloud cover moves back on. you might see a stray shower into the overnight hours. this is 3:00 in the morning. as we head through tomorrow morning, back to work. i know it's always hard to get back to work after a long weekend. cloudy and it will be on the warmer side. tuesday afternoon some showers start to work their way in. this is 3:00 in the afternoon through the maryland panhandle. this is 8:30 at night, so not a
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lot of rain. they will kind of pass on through. d. c. and areas north will have a better chance. we start off on wednesday with some sunshine. see how it's a little bit more active wednesday afternoon and into the evening hours. these will sweep on through. once these get out of here, sunshine for thursday. we deserve it. it's been so cloudy and soggy and kind of wet the past few days over our holiday. for today 85 degrees, maybe a stray shower off to the east. generally if you're west of 95 you're in the clear. 80 for tuesday, 82 for wednesday, a warm week. we were kind of in the 70s last week. we will stay warm but could drop to the upper 70s by the end of the weekend as we track another chance of showers. we'll be right back.
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a shooting rampage claimed eight lives. the suspect willie godbolt is under arrest. he was fighting with his estranged wife over their children. when deputy william durr got to the scene godbolt started shooting. investigators found four more bodies at two other places. investigators in california are taking a look into a new water slide after an accident over the weekend. a boy was injured when he actually slid out of the slide and then across the concrete. that slide has an 80-foot drop. th
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y. more than a new name, a new way of seeing energy.
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>> okay. here's the last look at your forecast. 85 at this point might be a little bit of a stretch but areas west will possibly reach there, places like leesburg and frederick. might see a stray shower east of 95 through the mid afternoon. most areas west of 95 i think we're in the clear now. we're waiting for that sun to keep on coming up. 80 degrees tomorrow, we'll see some isolated showers. i think wednesday is going to be our best bet this week
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see strong storms. >> this is allyson's dog by far the most chill animal you've ever seen in your life, he loves everybody. anyway, nats on 9 coming up today first pitch 4:05 and
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>> victor: chloe mitchell is the reason i'm paying you so handsomely, so you do as i ask. you keep me apprised of any new developments. how long have you been standing there? >> scott: long enough to hear you talking about chloe mitchell. >> dr. harris: what are you doing in here, chloe? >> chloe: i woke up, and i heard voices. i-i came in here. there was a man and a woman. they were sitting here, and they said my name and... >> dr. harris: okay, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. it's going to be okay. >> chloe: [ crying ] no, no, it's not. i can't go to prison, doc. i can't go to prison. >> dr. harris: no, no, no, no. listen, listen, if you don't calm down, i'm gonna have to


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